Winterization & Storage in Middletown, NJ

Winterization & Storage in Middletown, NJ

Winter is coming, so now is the time to speak to the factory-certified technicians about winterization and storage when you visit our powersports dealership in Middletown, NJ. Whether you're looking to winterize and store a summer-friendly personal watercraft such as the Yamaha WaveRunner or Sea-Doo SPARK, or you want to keep your beloved motorcycle or utility vehicle safe during the cold season, we can help. Our NJ powersports service center is ready to meet all of your vehicle's requirements for the winter ahead, and we strongly suggest you contact Jersey Shore Powersports before it's too late and the harsh Northeast winter tarnishes your model and voids your manufacturer warranty.

Why Is Winterization Important?

Winterization is an imperative step in maintaining your powersports vehicle's exterior, performance and overall quality. A heated garage is not a substitute for proper winterization and storage. Damage can start as soon as the first frost of winter hits, so don't delay. Oil needs to remain fresh during the winter season, as used oil from the summer can accumulate water from condensation and initiate the corrosion process. We carefully treat the fuel in your tank to prevent any fuel-related issues, and we ensure your batteries are disconnected. And most importantly, you must perform proper scheduled maintenance and winterization to prevent losing the manufacturer warranty coverage on your vehicle!

We strongly suggest that you have your watercraft or other powersports vehicle winterized by our service professionals prior to the threat of freezing to maintain your manufacturer's warranty. As a valued and preferred customer, we want to meet and exceed all your service expectations. Jersey Shore Powersports strives to go above and beyond to make your service experience as perfect as possible. We work hard to ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced and secured for the entirety of the winter season. Ask about our winterization and storage prices before the first frost arrives!

Complete WaveRunner Package Special

  • $849 before October 15, 2020 (plus parts)
  • $949 after October 15, 2020 (plus parts)
  • Pickup and delivery available (additional fees may apply)*
  • Complete winterization
  • Shrink wrap
  • Winter Storage**

* Call for details. Extra charges apply.

** Storage until 4/1/2021. Storage pricing is an additional $149 for 4/2/2021 -- 4/30/2021, and an additional $249 for 5/1/2021 -- 5/31/2021.

Shrink Wrap Specials

  • $149 all PWCs before October 15, 2021
  • $199 after October 15, 2021